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  • It's Not Just a "New Mistress Law": Family Law Act Now Applies to De Facto Marriage and Same-Sex Relationships

    • Case Study
    • 15 Apr 2009
    • Silvio Auditore

    On 1 March 2009, new Commonwealth laws for spousal maintenance and the division of property for people in de facto relationships came into force. The Commonwealth Family Law Act 1975 now applies to both married and de facto couples as well as same-sex couples. Previously, de-facto relationships were covered by State Laws and disputes between de-facto couples were determined by State Courts such as the Supreme Court and County Court- Such disputes are now within the jurisdiction of the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Court, as are disputes concerning children of all relationships. Read All

  • Family Court Pre Action Procedures

    • Article
    • 09 Mar 2009
    • Silvio Auditore

    Read All

  • Family Law Disclosure Rules

    • Article
    • 22 Jan 2009
    • Silvio Auditore

    A direct extract from Family Law Rules- Parts 13.1 and 13.2 Read All

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