Should I change Family Lawyers in my Family Law Court Case?

  • Are you having doubts about whether you are being well-represented in your Family Law dispute?
  • Have negotiations been stalling for many months and you are no closer to a resolution despite having spent a fortune on legal costs so far?
  • Is your current Family Lawyer dis-interested in your case, failing to communicate and not returning your phone calls?
  • Are you sick of having a different Barrister turn up to the Family Law Court on each Hearing Date and having to go through your story again and again?
  • Is your Family Lawyer more interested in how much he/she can bill you, rather than having a well-thought-out strategy leading to a negotiated out-of-court settlement in your case?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to consider changing to a better Family Lawyer.  Can you do that? I hear you ask.  Yes, it is your right to be represented by the Family Lawyer of your choice- even if your case is already in the court system.  The process of changing Family Lawyers is relatively straightforward as you can request your current Family Lawyer to send your case file to a new Family Lawyer of your choice.  However, before taking that step, we usually recommend that you meet with us at Melbourne Family Lawyers so that we may undertake a preliminary review of your situation and provide a second opinion.  We shall give you our straight-forward opinion on your case and confirm whether or not you have been given good advice.  If, in our opinion, you have been well-represented by your existing Family Lawyer, we will tell you that.  If an alternate approach is required, then we will recommend one.  We won’t encourage you to change Family Lawyers unless it is in your interests to do so.

If you do decide to become a client of Melbourne Family Lawyers, be assured that you will receive clear advice as to what outcome can be achieved and the strategy to be adopted in order to achieve that outcome.  We resolve many of our cases through negotiation and mediation as this usually provides the best practical outcome for our clients.  Where negotiation and mediation is not an option (for example if we are dealing with an aggressive vindictive spouse on the other side), then we prepare for a Court Hearing- although those cases do also sometimes resolve at the door of the court. 

Our Director, Silvio Auditore, has been Accredited as a Specialist in Family Law by the Law Institute of Victoria since 1990 and he oversees all client cases conducted by Melbourne Family Lawyers.  Clients receive the best advice and legal representation from the best Family Lawyers.  We practice exclusively in Family Law, so we have the highest possible level of expertise to successfully resolve your Family Law dispute.

If you are worried about your Family Law case, it is essential to obtain the best Family Law legal advice available.  Telephone Melbourne Family Lawyers on +613 9670 9677 or click on the blue Make An Enquiry button on this page.

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