Beware of Family Lawyers offering Free Initial Consultations

Have you come across the recent advertising from Family Lawyers offering “free initial consultations”?

Have you stopped to think why those lawyers are doing that?

You will usually find that the initial consultation is “free” because that is the only way in which such lawyers can attract new clients.  Many of the law firms offering free advice will have their most junior inexperienced staff doing the job.  Some of the law firms will be very recent entrants into the field of Family Law keen to get a foothold into the Family Law market place keen to get new clients in the door.  Have a look at the websites of some of the new law firms trying to win your business.  There are many claims as to expertise in the field of Family Law but no reference to the actual lawyer, the real person, who will be acting as your lawyer.  Is this because the actual lawyer is fresh out of law school with no real world experience with real clients?

Some Law Firms will only provide Family Law services on a Fixed Fee basis- that is why the initial consultation is seemingly “free”- you will find that the fixed fee to be charged for future work will incorporate a hefty charge for the initial consultation which the firm was reticent to tell you about up-front!

The Family Law Practice of Melbourne Family Lawyers has been operating since 1985.  All of our Family Lawyers are experienced Family Lawyers.  Silvio Auditore, the Director of the Melbourne Family Lawyers Law Practice, has been a Family Law Specialist Accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria since 1990 and he personally oversees all client cases and provides strategic direction.  You can rely on obtaining the best family law advice from Melbourne Family Lawyers first up at your initial consultation- we know what we are doing and we will give you straightforward reliable advice to help you through a difficult time and answer all of your questions.  It’s worth paying for!

When booking your initial consultation, you will usually first speak to Silvio Auditore, the Director of the Practice.  Silvio will decide which of our lawyers is best suited to look after you and arrange a time for your initial consultation which is scheduled for one hour.  We will also confirm the fee payable for your initial consultation.

At the conclusion of your initial consultation, Melbourne Family Lawyers will also tell you what legal costs you can expect to pay for future work.  We will give you a range of estimated legal costs for each relevant stage of your case.  If you prefer to pay fixed fees so as to be absolutely sure of what it will cost you, we can also arrange that.

Call us now and help us put your mind at ease.

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