Choosing the best Family Lawyers – Is it worth travelling to Melbourne?

Many people believe that it is not worth the hassle of coming into Melbourne to get advice from a Specialist Family Lawyer.   There are good reasons why Melbourne Family Lawyers is located in William Street Melbourne (adjacent to the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia).

As our Family Lawyers personally attend Court to represent clients, it is very convenient and time efficient for us to have our office so close to the Courts.  This means our clients save money.  A suburban Family Lawyer is entitled to, and will, charge you for the time taken by him/her in travelling to court whether this is for the purpose of attending a court hearing or conference, or filing an urgent Family Law Court Application.  Our convenient Melbourne location also helps clients when it comes to attending Court.  It is a common practice among other Family Lawyers to meet their clients at the Family Law Courts entrance- Waiting to meet your lawyer there with a mass of other nervous, and, sometimes volatile, people is makes many clients anxious- especially when there is a high chance of crossing paths with your former spouse or partner!  At Melbourne Family Lawyers, we arrange to meet our clients at our office before Court and personal escort them next door.  We find that this helps “calm the nerves” during what might otherwise be a stressful time.

And don’t think that just because Melbourne Family Lawyers is located in the Melbourne CBD that you will be subsidising a palatial office with acres of marble and views over Port Philip Bay- although we do have quite a nice view of the Supreme Court of Victoria dome!  We offer you practical down-to-earth legal services from practical down-to-earth premises.

By the way, if you are not involved in Family Law Court Proceedings, we do also offer meetings by prior arrangement at our Branch Office in Brighton when required.  All of our lawyers and day to day operations are based in our Melbourne Office.

If you cannot make it into our Melbourne consulting rooms, our Lawyers are more than happy to conduct telephone or skype video consultations if it would be more convenient.

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