Which Family Law Court in Melbourne?

Clients are sometimes confused about which Family Law Court is appropriate to hear their case in Melbourne.  This is understandable as there are three separate courts on the same street in Melbourne which have jurisdiction on Family Law related issues.

Magistrates Court of Victoria

233 William Street Melbourne

This is a State Court which has the exclusive jurisdiction to grant Intervention Orders under the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 in situations where people are subjected to family violence.  "Family violence" includes threats, physical and sexual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, economic abuse, damage to property, injury to animals and other threatening, coercive or in any way controlling and dominating behaviour which makes a family member fear for their safety or wellbeing or for the safety or wellbeing of another person.

Federal Circuit Court of Australia (formerly Federal Magistrates’ Court of Australia)

305 William Street Melbourne

This is a Commonwealth (or Federal) Court which has jurisdiction under the Family Law Act and Child Support Acts.  It hears Divorce, Property Division, Maintenance, Child Support and Children/Parenting cases.

Family Court of Australia

305 William Street Melbourne

This is also a Commonwealth Court having the same jurisdiction as the Federal Magistrates’ Court detailed above plus exclusive jurisdiction to hear Nullity of Marriage or Validity of Marriage cases.  It also hears Appeals from the Federal Magistrates’ Court.

The choice of which of Melbourne Family Law Courts is most appropriate to decide your case is important.  There are different procedures which apply in the different courts.  Melbourne Family Lawyers can advise as to which Court is best suited for your particular circumstances.  

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