Finding the Best Family Law Firm in Melbourne

So your spouse has just announced, "It's over!" and you need to find a law firm to help guide you through one of the most stressful situations you are going to face.  Where do you start?  Do you go back to your local conveyancing law firm who looked after the purchase of your home?  Surprisingly, a lot of people do exactly that and end up having an inexperienced general practitioner in law attempting to deal with the myriad of legal complexities associated with Family Law cases.  This can result in you having a very bad (and costly) experience which could have been avoided if you had gone to a Specialist Melbourne Family Law firm.

I receive many calls from people who are dissatisfied with the legal advice and representation they have received from non specialist law firms. However, it is often too late to fix the mess the client is in, as a final settlement has already been agreed and final family court orders made.  Whilst a Family Law Specialist may charge a bit more than your local suburban general practitioner, any additional expense incurred is certainly worth it as you will be assured of getting the right advice and the best possible representation.  Most people wouldn't dream of their GP performing heart surgery, so why would you contemplate your Family Law case being handled by anyone other than a Family Law Specialist?

In order to be accredited as a Specialist, the Law Institute of Victoria requires a lawyer to:

  • Pass comprehensive specialist examinations
  • Have extensive practical experience in the particular field of law
  • Undertake ongoing Professional Development and keep up to date

Each of the family lawyers practising in my law firm in Melbourne have been advising and representing Family Law clients for many years and have the experience and empathy to guide clients through the challenges of separation and Divorce.

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