About Us

Melbourne Family Lawyers (formerly Auditore Specialist Family Lawyers) is an Australian Family Law Specialist Firm based in Melbourne which deals exclusively in Australian and International Family Law cases. Our Specialist Family Law Lawyers are accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria. We have the knowledge and the expertise to help resolve any Family Law problem quickly.

We specialise in family law property settlement, resolving financial disputes and parenting disputes regarding the arrangements for children. We settle our clients' disputes using Mediation and a Collaborative Lawyer approach if possible. If it is not possible, then we ensure that our client’s case is dealt with promptly through the Family Law Courts to achieve the best possible pragmatic outcome.

Specialist Family Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne

All of our Family Law Specialists are Accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria and such accreditation is recognised throughout all Australia. Only the best family lawyers in their field of expertise become Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialists.

Our lawyers have vast experience having successfully conducted court cases in the Federal Magistrates’ Court, Federal Circuit Court of AustraliaFamily Court of Australia, State Supreme Courts and the High Court of Australia. Whether your case involves a 50 million dollar business or a suburban house, rest assured that we know how to deal with it in the best possible way and obtain the best possible result for you.

With our experienced advice, guidance and representation, many of our clients are able to achieve timely property settlements through a Mediation process, thus avoiding the expense, delay and stress of Family Law Court Proceedings. However, some cases cannot be settled (e.g. where there is a spouse who refuses to negotiate on reasonable terms) and it becomes necessary to initiate court proceedings in order to promote our client’s best interests. You will have the benefit of the firm’s sound knowledge and experience in knowing when it is best to litigate in Court and knowing when it is best to settle out of Court.

Cases involving children need to handled in a sensitive way but they can also sometimes require quick action to avoid long-term emotional damage to children. We have the experience, the knowledge and the resources to advise of the best way to protect the interests of our clients and their children. Should the need arise, we will recommend the best Counsellors and Psychologists to assist in achieving a sensible outcome.  

The firm was originally founded in Collins Street Melbourne in 1985 and in recent years we have extended our office network into the Melbourne Bayside suburbs. Melbourne Family Lawyers is located at 271 William Street Melbourne adjacent to the Family Law Courts in Melbourne and Flagstaff Railway Station. We also have additional a Branch office for client appointments in Brighton. All of our locations have convenient car parking available.  

Call Melbourne Family Lawyers to make an appointment with one of our Accredited Family Law Specialists,at either our Melbourne or Brighton office on +613 9670 9677.