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Can I vaccinate my child if the other parent objects?

  • Article
  • 17 Feb 2022
  • Silvio Auditore

Unless there is a court order to the contrary, both parents of a child have equal shared parental responsibility.  This means that decisions about major long-term issues about the child should be made jointly by the parents. So, parents have a legal obligation to consult with each other about these big decisions and then make a decision jointly. Examples of major long-term issues would be choosing a school, involvement in a religion or major health issues (including vaccination). Read All

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When is the Best Time to Separate and do a Family Law Property Settlement in Australia?

  • Case
  • 21 Jan 2021
  • Silvio Auditore

Whilst you have to wait at least 12 months from the date you separate to apply for a Divorce, you do not have to wait to finalise a property settlement with your spouse or partner under the Family Law Act.  The Divorce Application in Australia is a separate legal proceeding and it brings a marriage to an end legally, and allows you to marry someone else if you wish to do so.  You cannot apply for a Divorce before the 12-month separation period has expired- even if both parties agree.  The situation is different when it comes to negotiating and finalising a property settlement and parenting arrangements- this can happen as soon as you separate without having to wait. Read All

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I am so fortunate to come across you and members of your law firm for my proceeding.
I especially thank Alison for her professional work the last 4 years.  Alison has been approachable, up-front and very patient for me, as well as very professional.  I felt very safe whenever I...

S.N. Hampton East

I would to thank Alison for her assistance with my family law matter.  I appreciated her keeping me informed, the options we could take, the steps involved and the progress throughout.
Also, on my initial call when I spoke to Silvio, the relief of not being passed around to different...

I.W. Newport, Vic

I found all of the staff and family lawyers at Melbourne Family Lawyers to be extremely professional and responsive to my needs during a difficult and protracted Divorce which involved disputes as to the arrangements for my children and the retention of the family home.  My ex-husband and his lawyers were very difficult to deal...

S.B. - Albert Park

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